Saturday, September 7, 2019

Case Study # 67 - Stephanie Awaiting the Train

"Stephanie Awaiting the Train" Oil on Canvas. 30" x 24" 2019.
Stephanie Forbes was born and raised in Sacramento California. She grew up the oldest of three kids. Neither school nor home life were easy for her during these years. Doctors diagnosed her around the age of 5 with Neurofibromatosis. Her NF is a case of genetics passed down to her as her mother also has NF. In school, She suffered relentless bullying at the hands of her peers. She suffers from a large plexiform tumor on the side of her face that lowers her ear. Doctors are not able to operate on it at this time. In addition to that, she experiences much pain throughout her body. Stephanie had many operations and procedures growing up, many times having to travel several hundred miles just to get an MRI.

Prep Sketch
Stephanie is now the mother of two and grandmother to one. Michael, her son, was born in 1996. Cecelia, her daughter, was born in 2002. Michael had a daughter named Amaya who was born in 2017. Stephanie met her now husband, also named Michael, on a Facebook page for adults with Neurofibromatosis. They enjoy telling the story of how he was having a bad day so she mailed him 2 dozen snickerdoodle cookies each with a positive affirmation of uplifting notes between them. After several years of writing back and forth and many hours of telephone conversations, Stephanie and Michael met in person for the first time and fell in love ~ quite possibly even before that initial meeting. Stephanie enjoys photographing infants and nature. She also enjoys writing poetry, painting, pottery and many other artistic activities. Michael has a love for trains and on this day they both sat and waited for the trains to come down the track.

One of the best attributes about Stephanie is her kindness and compassion toward others, especially those with disabilities. Her experiences as a child and young adult shaped her to be more empathetic and understanding of others needs, to a fault Stephanie will often put others needs in from of her own. She and her husband are both very involved with NF Midwest helping with their annual walk and fundraiser in Naperville, Illinois every summer.

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