Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Case Study #28 - Nena Picking Oranges

Nena Picking Oranges. 30" x 24" Oil on Canvas.
MaElena (Nena) Gomez has NF, lives in Monterrey, Mexico and has been married 40 years with her husband Carlos Garcia. It wasn't until she was married and already had two daughters that she found out her diagnosis. In Mexico, not much is known even to doctors about neurofibromatosis. Her daughters and four grandchildren are the engine of her life. Nena's hobbies are cinema, enjoying nature, and the face and happiness of her grandchildren.
Nena Picking Oranges

One day Nena was talking with a young person about suicide because life with NF is difficult. He felt that no one would want him, even had friends that didn't take to the idea of forming a tumor by his face. In Mexico there just is not a big priority placed on NF and people do not go to specialists because they have it. Over time, Nena realized just how many people also had NF and to her great surprise throughout the world there is a lot of information about it. There is also a lot of misinformation as well and that is where she decided to get out and start working at raising awareness. Nena has spearheaded the one protection law draft that has to go through the congress of Mexico. She has met with two senators and in the meantime she interviews and continue to fight to make society aware about the disorder. There is more information for all doctors, patients, families and society in general that are like them with a genetic condition. She finds others with NF and together in her words, "we laugh, we cry, we must work to live, or the same needs as the rest of the world. My challenge is to keep working at it, in honor of my father who inherited it, to patients to keep hope alive, and to know that we also have a challenge to work together for attaining the transformation of society. for a world without DISCRIMINATION more aware, and we are all happy fundamental right of every human being."