Saturday, November 21, 2020

Case Study #90 - Jason Stripping Copper Wire


Prep Sketch

Jason Britt Thompson was born with NF. He currently lives in Jackson, Tennessee. His doctors said he would not live to see 14 years, but he proved them wrong. Jason is the only one in his family to have NF. Jason has two older brothers who do not have NF. He traced his ancestry back to 3 sets of great grand parents on both sides, but found no trace of it which led him to believe that his is due to a spontaneous gene mutation. 

Jason's NF has been hard for him as his left eye has no socket and it pulses with his brain. Jason's right eye has a skin fold that he was born with encompassing a large NF tumor. The doctors put in balloons under the skin to stretch it out so the skin on his right sight side.

Jason was put in a body cast at 6 years old for a leg tumor. A few years later when he was 9 years old he had metal rods put in his spine. As an adult in 2010, Jason went to see if sinus surgery would help as he was having problems with his eye tumors. The optic glioma (eye tumor) is causing him to start to lose his vision.

After high school, Jason worked at McDonald's and eventually became a manager. It took awhile for his disability to get approved, but after 6 years and several courts, it finally happened. Jason finds dating to be difficult and he certainly does not want to have his own children believing that passing NF onto children would make their lives very problematic. He is very open to dating someone who already has kids or even adopting together if that special woman ever wanted to do that. Currently, Jason strips wire for copper or takes apart ac units for copper coils and sell them for extra money. Jason also loves to fish and garden.