Monday, January 5, 2015

Case Study #17 - Hayley Shooting Photos

Hayley Shooting Photos. Oil on Canvas. 30" x 24"
Hayley Marrs lives in Brisbane, Australia and was born with NF1.

In Hayley's words: "I did not let NF take over and win, I will not let it stop me from achieving my goals. I have had many challenges in my education life, public life and just health life. To sometimes face the public is difficult and this won’t ever change. I just learn to get through it and move on; it’s a really hard thing to do. Yet, I go through those times when it’s hard to handle, the struggle is hard, and only another person with NF would understand. People continue to stare and sometimes ask questions and I answer them to the best of my ability, but it’s a very shy and personal matter. The truth is many people only see the outside but if they should take the time to find the key and unlock my world there’s always something amazing to learn about me. It takes only a short time to peel back my layers and reveal “me”: creative, funny, great with children, sweet, kind and quiet and a limited edition. Photography is my way to express how I see the world. An item that is perceived as something plain and boring can become an amazing artwork, a way to show others that there is more than just the outside, a portal to show them the beautiful way I see a different world through my eyes to lens."

Prep Sketch for the oil painting

"I graduated in December 2014 from the certificate 3 of photo imagery and am heading my way toward the diploma. This has been a huge achievement for me as my education wasn’t always an easy avenue to navigate through as I had to attend education support classes to learn what I needed to know just to get through some of the courses. Photography has taught me more than just "click”. Each day I try to push that creative drive a little bit further as I will continue to cultivate my creative abilities. And I will make great things happen.