Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Maternal Gaze - Part 3 it is. I am at least finally happy with it instead of having feelings of complete ambivalence. Isn't that the worst? Nothing like ambivalence to your own work. I sometimes wonder if I am the only artist who grows tired of my own paintings. Luckily, having my mentor keep on me each month about this one transformed it from "This is forgettable and lame and I will most likely paint over it" to "I really find myself looking at those textures when I come up close to it, and it all comes together now".

Sure wish I had this transformation on all my paintings. It does help to put a little time between painting sessions and to have another artist critique my work. I would have stopped at #5 on this progression. I am glad I had guidance because had I stopped when I wanted to, this painting would have gotten painted over in a year or two. Now, I am actually happy with it.

Here is the semester progression: