Sunday, April 28, 2013

Got Plans for Lunch?

Lunch Hours #1, #2, #3

Lunch Hours #4, #5, #6

Last Lunch Hour.
Over a series of 7 weekday lunch hours I was able to utilize 45 minutes of the 1 hour break and work, from life, on a portrait. I mostly just wanted the practice to train my eye. I told my friend that I doubted if the portrait would look flattering and I wasn't really concerned about the result. In the end, she agreed to model if she could keep the final drawing. I agreed. I drew...and when it was all done..she now has a 18" x 24" graphite portrait of herself. Does she like it? I really do not know, I think she does. I do know that she has offered to model for me in some of her ornamental outfits. She is Hindu and has some very beautiful garments and jewelry that would be very exciting to paint.
She, on the flipside, also got the unique experience of being drawn from life too. She is not an artist by trade, but a computer programmer.

I wonder if her place of employment would notice the smell of oil paint and a tarp on the floor with a french easel for the next 7 weekday lunches? hmmmm...

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