Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Blind Faith

(Final Adjustments)
"Blind Faith" 3.5'w  x  6.5'h oil on canvas

Impressionistic brush
My mentor wanted me to focus on painting 2 figures on this next painting. There is always (for me) an implied narrative when two figures come together on a painting. I am also still very much interested in incorporating text and image and the process of painting over parts. So, I think the best way to blog about this is to just simply post images as they develop.

I knew I wanted a very generic looking surgeon and a profile and rather unapproachable and anonymous looking figure is what I am after for now. I am in the midst of trying to figure out if the other figure will be just a child or be the relation of parent to child prior to the surgery.
Wash in of color

I decided to go with a profile of a man. Perhaps the dad of the child. It could just be a patient. Or it could be a mirror reflection of the surgeon. I'm not really sure quite yet. I am just visually sorting all of this out. I'm still not sure how (or if) I will incorporate any text, but if I do, I will plan on tackling that later.

As far as a narrative in this piece, there is some thought of tackling the idea of when your child goes in for a major surgery. Suddenly you hand over his or her life to a complete stranger just hoping or just blindly assuming that this person knows what he or she is doing. When you think about it, do you really know if the person is a good surgeon? Such power. It's frightening.

I'll have to do something about the two figures because right now there really isn't much mystery as to what I am going after, so I think with some reworking and removal of some of the imagery, etc I may be able to not completely overstate everything.

November 1, 2012 UPDATE:

3.5'w by 7'h. oil and tape on canvas.
Many things are going on right now in my life and they are all probably cumulatively affecting this painting. Something happened recently which prompted me to gouge out the man's eyes. Maybe it is because so much of NF is invisible or maybe it is because people just don't want to believe that NF exists so they keep denying it, blaming behavior and traits on laziness or quirkiness. I used a scraper to paint over his eyes. When that happened, the rest became clear. It's pretty self explanatory of an image, well at least to me. And if it is not to everyone else, then that is okay too. I, nor any other artist,  can completely control the audience anyways. I can give ideas, glimpses and let the audience fill in the gaps.

There is an ironic beauty in MPNST stains.