Saturday, January 28, 2012

The importance of structure

I just think it's always good to show folks all the mistakes that go into a painting....I always check and double check my anatomy and proportions otherwise it's so easy for something like this to go unnoticed until the very end. So much easier at this stage to wipe it off and start over!

The Spaces of Femininity

Griselda Pollock's article "Modernity and the Spaces of Femininity" highlighted Mary Cassatt's "Young girl in a blue armchair 1878)" in which it points out the specific gaze and viewpoint of the room, suggesting that this viewpoint from which the room has been painted is so low that the chairs loom large as if imagined from the perspective of a small person placed amongst massive upholstered obstacles. The painting therefore not only pictures a small child in a room but evokes that child's space of the room.

Thinking about the spaces of femininity and the correlation between mother and child, made me realize that I could further investigate the role of humanity and compassion in my paintings. Therefore my first exploration is a painting of an NF child from the viewpoint of a mother looking down on her son. The angle will seem a bit unsettling for the viewer initially since we are used to passive, spectator poses of people typically reclined lying on beds. Therefore, we traditionally see them horizontally and from farther away. But as a mother, we see our children very close as we hover over them. Here is my initial lay in painting.