Sunday, May 28, 2017

Case Study #42 - Philip Firing up the Grill

"Philip Firing Up the Grill" 2017 Oil on Canvas. 30" x 24"
Philip Moss is from Birmingham, Alabama and was diagnosed with NF at the age of 37 following the diagnosis of both of his children in 2012. NF was a completely new term to Philip and the diagnosis was somewhat of a surprise since he has no significant indicators. Since his oldest child has significant tumor issues Philip struggled with feelings of guilt for passing along this condition to his kids.  A condition they will one-day have to consider when planning for their own family.

In retrospect Philip can think of a few clues that could have indicated a need for further tests. In high school he had a tumor removed from his back that was likely only tested for malignancy and nothing else. Philip, like many with NF, often has trouble staying on task and is self-diagnosed as ADD. He was always the shortest in his classes and fact, he took growth hormones through high school. His head is also so big that few hats fit him!

Prep Sketch
One year following the diagnoses, the Moss family attended the 2013 NF Forum in Nashville where they were all exposed to what this condition means for many and what it could mean for them. Philip and his family are active in the NF community and are eager and happy to share their experiences with others. He loves sharing his story with others and is amazed at how often a friend-of-a-friend gets referred to him. Philip feels fortunate to live in Birmingham where some of the most renowned NF doctors reside. Though he has no tumor issues that require regular check-ups he wants to best treatment possible for his children. Philip’s son is enrolled in a clinical trial through NIH and had significant success in reducing the size of his tumor. Because of his parents advocacy

Since graduating from college Philip has worked on college campuses in three different states. In his current position he works for Mississippi State University in the office of undergraduate admission and scholarships. He enjoys working with students as they are figuring out what they want to become, what college they want to attend, and the opportunities that exist for them to learn and grow in college.

Outside of work Philip enjoys spending time with family and standing over a hot grill with something delicious cooking.

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