Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Case Study #31 - Emily Tossing a Water Balloon

Emily Tossing a Water Balloon. 30" x 24" Oil on Canvas.
Emily Pfeiffer was diagnosed with NF when she was three years old. At the age of nine learning difficulties prompted an MRI which revealed a brain tumor. The tumor was not responsible for her learning difficulties but it did require surgery and radiation therapy.  She did relatively well until the brain tumor returned in her early twenties. The tumor was successfully removed but she went on to develop tumors deep within both the right and left sides of her neck. She endured multiple surgeries and life threatening complications throughout her twenties and thirties.

Prep Sketch for Emily Tossing a Water Balloon
Her unbelievable positive attitude and resilience despite her NF has been a source of inspiration for her family. Emily has walked in three half marathons and the Cupid Undie’s Run to increase public awareness and fundraise for the Children’s Tumor Foundation. She currently volunteers at Tabitha Health Care in Lincoln, Nebraska. Spending time with the elderly is a joy for her and the residents she interacts with. In April of 2016 she received an award at Tabitha’s annual volunteer recognition event. The award honored her for making and keeping her commitments to her volunteer work.

Emily would be the first to tell you living with NF is very hard. She doesn’t seem to worry about what her future holds. Living every day to her fullest despite the physical and cognitive challenges continues to be her primary focus.

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