Friday, March 11, 2016

Case Study #25 - Ashok Chatting with Friends

"Ashok Chatting with Friends" 30" x 24" Oil on Canvas
Ashok Shrestha, who is currently 54, lives in Kathmandu, Nepal and suffers from NF. In particular he has a an extremely rare facial tumor that can become a life threatening condition if not treated. When he was born, he did not have this tumor in the capacity as it appears today. It first appeared as a very small and negligible lesion, similar to a mole or skin tag at the corner side of his right eye. Later when he was one year old, his late father took him to have surgery at the Shanta Bhawan Mission Hospital in Nepal under the supervision of a visiting doctor from the UK. The second major surgery was undertaken at the Bir Hospital in Nepal when he was 12 years old. After that, he has undergone two more major surgeries in Patna, India.

Ashok has completed his Master in Commerce in Accountancy and has been working in the computer industry for many years. The tumor, however, has been increasing in size an
Prep sketch for the oil painting
(photo reference courtesy of Kristina Allen)
d turned into a huge problem which has landed him in this present situation. Ashok has no work or job anymore because of his face and has been harassed by people. After his father died, the whole responsibility of taking care of his mother is upon him. His mother was suffering from paralysis caused by a brain hemmorhage. His parents’ small property (house) has gone toward the expenses of his mother’s treatment and daily expenses for routine life to survive. Now, Ashok has the enormous problem of being totally bankrupt.

Since then he has been faced with physical problem of his facial tumor as well which has made eating and conversation problematic along with his economic condition Therefore Ashok has made a video on youtube to request to the public for raising funds so he can have a normal life in the future. Because it is so difficult to receive adequate care in Nepal, it is Ashok's goal to raise the funds necessary to permanently relocate to the United States, become a US citizen, and seek the surgical expertise of the highly skilled Dr. McKay McKinnon at St. Joseph's Hospital in Chicago, IL. Ashok has so far found good response and help from many people of entire world which as given him hope. He still needs a large amount for his treatment. He will need four major surgery and it has been estimated for $35,000 for first surgery and now he has collected around $15,000 so he is making good progress! Ashok is requesting for all people to help him by donating for his surgery.

Please watch the youtube video here:

Viewers can donate to help Ashok by donating here:

Or you may contact Ashok directly to see how to help:
Name: Ashok Shrestha
Address: Dhobighat, Lalitpur
Country: Nepal
Mobile /Viber: 9841 530 741
Skype: ashokshresha

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