Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Case Study #43 - Avi Processing Apple Watch Orders

Avi David is in his forties and from Israel. He suffers from NF and has from a small age. He discovered the mutation of the disease: coffee stains (cafe au lait spots) and a number of body lesions. As time went on his condition grew worse, Avi had many large and small lesions on his body. He thinks he hay have inherited the disorder from his mother. He does not have any memory oh his mother as she died of cancer when he was only 3 years old. Thankfully, Avi has a wonderful stepmother who helped raise him. Life taught him that there are no free gifts and in the end you get what you need and not what you want. When he was 7 he underwent the first of two NF-related surgeries on his vocal chords. He had another when he was 15, but neither surgery seemed to help with the tumors and all that ended up as a result was that his voice is now hoarse. He also had many small and minor surgeries throughout the years to remove the neurofibromas. The surgeries were of little success. Avi believes that the worst thing about NF is that people will look at him strangely and are afraid of him simply because of his appearance. He also does not like to take his shirt off at the beach and self conscious. He has yet to feel comfortable removing his shirt to go swimming.

Prep sketch
Currently Avi works for a company that sells Apple products. He is in the field of preparing orders and taking orders for Apple for various clients. A year ago Avi made a trip to New York and fell in love with the United States. He wants to move to the United States because he thinks he was born for it. Life is very difficult for him in the Land of Israel. He found many friends who also have the disorder and he got to know, through Facebook, an amazing woman named Rachel who is his inspiration. She encouraged him to send a picture of himself and tell the story of his life. He admires her for all the work she does for the disorder. It will be a great privilege to meet her someday (she feels the same way).

Avi hopes that in the future doctors will find a cure for this disorder and in the meantime the most important thing is to smile as much as possible and adopt positive thoughts: we live only once and always smile even if it is difficult.

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