Monday, August 1, 2016

Case Study #26 - Maximilian Shopping in Thailand

"Maximilian Shopping in Thailand" 30" x 24" oil on canvas.
Maximilian Eugene Salvador Moran lives in Duffield, a small village in the countryside in Derbyshire in the United Kingdom. He found out that he had NF when he was 6 months old due to the large cafe au lait spots on his leg. At first he didn't know the full gravity of the situation or the effect it would have on his life but didn't let it stand in his way! As he grew up he had many problems fitting in with others and a having a 'normal' way of life. Even though he had NF he still tried to fit in with the other kids and do as they do. Including football clubs, chess clubs, singing and acting schools, piano etc.

NF affected him in some ways. Multiple areas which were always painful and have required surgeries, medication and regular scans to check on all tumors and check nothing was wrong internally! Also had to deal with bullies for most of my childhood and even today he still get the odd buffoon still trying to dampen his spirit. He had spinal surgery at 20 years old before travelling to Tenerife to do a summer season working in bars.
Prep sketch
Maximilian feels very fortunate to live where he does as he has the NHS which despite its faults is a great healthcare system for someone suffering with NF. They keep me checked up with regular GP appointments and he travels to London to see the specialists. Maximilian has also had a career spanning many fields: bricklaying, security guarding, landscape gardening, and now a fulfilling career in catering. Currently, Maximilian works as a chef and has worked in some of the nicest hotels in the areas in which he has lived. He has done a lot of travelling: backpacking in south east Asia and viewing the northern lights in Iceland. After his trip to Asia, he had to come back and have a tumor removed from his sciatic nerve. 
Maximilian is looking to the future, "I have ambition to open my own restaurant one day. I want to open a.little tea room and also provide an external catering service for weddings, birthdays and other personal events!

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