Sunday, February 19, 2012

Maternal Gaze - Part 2

Rather than adding onto my original post from earlier this month, I am going to just make this own separate post and see how it develops from this point forward. After reading and writing about Robert Henri, and taking all the advice from my mentor, and doing some color studies, I thought I would try and get some color into this painting and mostly into the child's skin. I'm enjoying the results so far. I plan on still working on the bedspread. I had originally thought to do something with chromosome colors or DNA markers, but I think just a normal representational bedspread is enough. Not every element has to have symbolism, most of which would be lost on the viewer anyway. I'd rather concentrate on the true purpose which was to try and paint a child with the viewpoint of a mother's view late at night while the child is sleeping. I know I am not the only mother who goes in at nights and watches my boys sleep. I sometimes watch them for a few minutes. Then I will get them out of the entanglement of sheets and re-tuck them into bed. I always whisper "I love you" in their ear and kiss their cheeks.

The first area that was really lacking any color was the face. As my mentor mused earlier "Beige..and beiger". So, I wanted to get rid of that and, just have some fun. My thought is, if I ruin what I've done so far, then "Who Cares". I also am reading Hawthorne on Painting and Robert Henri's The Art Spirit. Both advise only one brushstroke per load of paint so the brushstrokes can remain pure and juicy, instead of scrubbed and muddied. Now, I've known that for years and I tell my students to quit trying to get 5 or so strokes out of one load of paint and yet, I've been guilty of doing that myself. So, this time, I only allowed myself one stroke per brush load. I also worked on the bedspread because I found the stripes on the sheet to be irritating. Eventually, I just painted over them. I had made those stripes up to create visual interest, and I may go back after I am done painting the folds on the sheet and put a pattern on them, but I am not sure.

Finally...I painted in the pattern on the bedspread and finished the sheet and pillow. My camera tends to wash out the colors, but this gives the basic idea for now. I was told a long time ago that it takes two people to paint a picture. One person to paint it and the other person to take the paintbrush away. I'm leaving this painting alone now for awhile!

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